New York is a multicultural city; interactions among people with demographic differences are common. Families are diverse; they come from different cultures and countries, different neighborhoods, and different socio-economic backgrounds. For any country to succeed, their citizens must be able to communicate with other cultures without offending them.

I grew up and attended a school in a culturally diverse environment. Growing up in this kind of environment taught me “never to judge a book by its cover.” I have carried this philosophy with me throughout my journey in life.  I am aware that for a few people dealing with cultural diversity is a challenge. This is derived from their lack of exposure to a culturally diverse environment. It is important that you recognize and admit that there are biases toward certain people whether it is behavioral or cultural.

Admitting this to yourself will allow you to be able to plan and implement strategies that will allow you to connect the link between culture and literacy. This is necessary so as to enhance your confidence through engagement, this will enhance your knowledge and motivate you to move beyond their level, so that you can grasp and achieve your goals and objective.


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