The Annual Fund is the 2C2W Athletic Academy annual giving campaign that raises critical philanthropic dollars to support the daily operations of the Academy during the current year. It is 2C2W Athletic Academy number one fundraising priority, as it allows the 2C2W Athletic Academy to fully live its mission and achieve its vision.

2C2W Athletic Academy is an independent program; therefore, it does not receive any state or federal funding. 2C2W Athletic Academy relies entirely on tuition dollars and charitable donations from the community to educate our student’s athletes and provide the programs that make 2C2W Athletic Academy great. Additionally, tuition does not cover entire cost of educating our student’s athletes hence the need for additional philanthropic support.

The impact of your participation is valued beyond the dollars. Participation demonstrates your commitment to 2C2W Athletic Academy and its continued success. When the entire community participates, it speaks volumes that our parents, alumni, staff, and friends are committed to the success of 2C2W Athletic Academy, thus ensuring 2C2W Athletic Academy sustainability for years to come.

2C2W Athletic Academy overall and financial strength is dependent upon all members of the community. Your participation generates enthusiasm and encourages others to join you in celebrating and supporting the 2C2W Athletic Academy. It makes a difference every day in every facet of our students ‘athletes experience.

We simply ask that you give at a level where your passion for 2C2W Athletic Academy meets your ability to give. Donations can be made by mailing cash or a check. They may be pledged monthly, quarterly, or in one single payment. The Annual Fund runs on the Annual Fund runs on the fiscal year calendar starting on May 1 and closing on June 30.


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