First let me make this clear! Back when America had a moral code things were so much better. Kids were respectful, people nice and helpful.Once you lower the bar, you’ve opened Pandora’s box, people now can find so many new and inventive ways to waste time and make sure that nothing gets done. People now make impossible demands and it’s either their way or the highway, with people refusing to compromise at all.

        You should  live by moral codes that affect your decisions, actions, and perceptions. A moral code is a set of beliefs and behaviors that people abide by to live what they consider to be a reasonable, fulfilling life. The term moral doesn’t necessarily mean “good”; it’s simply a code of conduct, while the righteousness of a person’s morals is entirely subjective, while remaining consistent and strong.  Humans have been called a rational being, but rationality is a matter of choice. You as a human must be strong and consistent by choice, by holding your life as a value, by choice; you have to learn to sustain it by choice; you have to find the values it requires and practice your virtues by choice. A code of values accepted by choice is a moral code,

     understanding your moral code is key while being strong and consistent, you should not compromise it if you are being talked down to in a relationship, or treated like they are doing you a favor, if this is the case you need to get out. Yes, your self-respect, and the respect you demand from others, is not something you should be compromising on. If you do, you will quickly devolve into a needy and dependent on someone else for self-worth type of person, which will ironically only makes them respect you less. Your dreams of what you want to do with your professional life should not be compromised. If your dream is to be successful, while you might have to edit your pathway to success slightly to accommodate a long-term goal, giving up on your dream entirely because of your associate is a one-way ticket to resenting them, and hating yourself, the thing is that this is what will happen. 

       So, what do you think? what would it take for you to compromise your moral code if you ever would? Are small things okay? If they are, where do you start to draw the line? The test of your ability to compromise your moral code occurs when you belong to a group. You are more likely to compromise your moral standards and engage in behavior you would not typically do on your own, which tends to make this quite relevant to you “None are so blind as those that refuse to see.”





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