Personal Weight Training Program

Personal weight training program for age 10- 16 – Notable significance, Points:

Children should be sufficiently mature that they can respond to coaching advice, and will behave appropriately (follow instructions and respect their trainers).
Weight-training form only part of a child’s exercise regime (sports, play and other movement related activities are also important).
Children should avoid maximal or near-maximal lifts. ACSM specifically states that children should work with a resistance that will allow them to perform no fewer than eight repetitions (in other words, with children, emphasize lighter weights and higher reps).
Children should be supervised at all times during their weight-training sessions.
Special care is taken to avoid overuse injuries, which growing children may be more predisposed to ( exercise routine varied to prevent continued stress on any particular part of the body).
Proper form and technique are maintained in all lifts. Given children are more susceptible to injury, as their muscular systems are underdeveloped.


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