Students reach out for new learning environments vs. old-school teaching and learning

IMG_0314Relying on various technologies to perform Our students continue to reach out for new and enhanced learning environments vs. old-school teaching and learning to raise awareness and promote confidence in using digital literacy tools that will ultimately improve learning outcomes. Supports which will allow students to analyze, plan, practice, reflect, and respond through Collaboration and Learning. This will be achieved by having students in the physical education class film it sports skills. According to Semiz, Ince, (2012)  “The development of wireless technology, computer projection systems, physical activity monitoring systems, and active gaming devices (using video games for physical activity) and software provide new opportunities in the gym.” With The Coach’s Eye App which can be access from mobile phone or ipad. This will helps students and teacher develop their skills performing a self-assessment of their movement by creating an analysis video on their iPads with Coach’s Eye. Students and teacher would review their driving performance, slow-motion review and audio narration. This allows students to understand the body part movement. Teachers, students and coaches can also review the students’ videos to see how they progressing and where they need additional practice.

With technology becoming such a major part in today’s classrooms, teachers must understand the advantages of incorporating technology into their classroom with students and learning. According to Chen (2008)”Teachers’ existing beliefs can influence the development of beliefs about both technology integration and related practices. Hence, administrators should take teacher beliefs into account at different stages of technology integration.” Integrating technology into classroom instruction means more than simply teaching basic computer skills or software programs; it means using technology as a tool to support learning. Better engagement and motivation better instructional materials better communication and interaction application of real world skills. Teachers must learn to harness and use the valuable resources that technologies offer so that their classroom can be successful and move forward into the future.


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