Strengthening your mental muscle

Mental training is the practice of mental skills such as goal mapping, imagery, and relaxation techniques that are useful during practice and competition. Regularly practicing mental skills can help athletes respond to adversity and reach peak performance. Athletes of all ages, skill levels, and sports have found mental training helpful. Mental training really does work! But it is important to remember that, like physical training, mental training requires practice. When coupled with physical training, mental training can help put you in the best position to perform to your potential.

You need to check out your mental attitude if you’re going to keep your brain in tune. Remain open to the ideas of the young, even if you don’t seek to emulate their behavior. The key is to as we get older.  “Use it or lose it,” as the saying goes. Recognizing that you are undergoing cognitive changes and then trying to maximize your performance will help preserve your abilities and maintain them to their fullest potential.



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