“Do it for love.” Reminding yourself, to leave mistakes in the dust and focus on what they need to do in the coming moment.

“Aim for excellence, not perfection.”

 “Why not you? Why not us?” Why not me?

Once you’ve prepared mentally and physically for your competition, then you are ready to do your best–and your best is the best you can do.

 “Use setbacks as motivation.” So you had a bad day. A bad year. Can you use your failures as a springboard to success?  almost every sports team uses a significant loss to motivate themselves to improve in the coming year.

 “Cultivate a learning mindset instead of a fixed mindset.” Many young athletes believe that it’s talent that counts—“You either have it or you don’t.” As a result, they don’t put in the hard work needed to overcome deficiencies, hone a skill to excellence, or develop the mental strength and flexibility to bounce back from failure (and success). To encourage a growth mindset in others, reward effort rather than talent and reframe failure as an opportunity to learn. Find success in learning and improving, not just winning

 “Keep your eyes on the prize.”   “Persevere!”  the mantra, “Persevere!” To put perseverance into practice, I use the “5-minute rule.” I tell myself, “Just keep going for 5 minutes more; then see how you feel.”  Persevering will help you develop “grit”—that remarkable quality of keeping faraway goals in sight and working at them with devotion over long periods of time, despite inconvenience or problems.  (Hopefully, you can also know when it’s time to quit a goal that isn’t realistic or that’s no longer in your best interest.)


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