In a quest to further cement 2C2W position as a powerful force in the world of Track & Field.

Sport plays such a huge role in the lives of people. Exercise, as an engine of self-esteem, as a model of teamwork, and as a source of national pride. That age group represents the next generation of Olympic medalists. For this to become a realty These athletes need the best coaching, sport science, and financial support to give them the best chance of winning future medals. extending 2C2W elitist mantra to younger athletes

What strategy would encourage participation in a variety of sports, create a deep talent pool, and also produce enough athletes at the elite level to ensure that 2C2W is properly represented among Olympic medalists? Ultimately, there is no substitute for greater funding. Funding in a way that ruthlessly promoted medal winning ability. The major funders of high-performance sport, which includes the Olympics and other competitions understand this and keep us glued to our TVs — which would focus excellence.

With 2C2W a major portion of its budget—about $5 million over four years—geared towards younger athletes. These athletes would get the best coaching, sport science, and financial support to give them the best chance of winning future medals. That may sound far-sighted. However, this is required to produce and sustain a large pool of high-level athletes.

Athletes are not successful only because they are born with natural talent and drive; they must have the best HIGH PERFORMANCE PLAN (coaching structure, competition program, camps, athletes support, Coaches’ Development Plan (CDP), Medical Support, Targets) to help them perfect the intricacies of the sport.

Many athletes’ performance plateaued reflecting natural dips and curves—the results of delayed physical maturity, moving up to a different age group, or getting sick or injured at the wrong time. At these junctures, the existence of funding can be crucial, during this lull, athletes need Performance Management Systems (PMS), Leadership, HR, Administration, Finance and Sports competition or they would have had to quit.

Our Objective – Offer opportunities, National recognition, promote the benefits of staying in athletics. Develop a Post-Secondary School Club Series. To have five athletes from the team qualifying for the 2020 Olympic and 5 from the same group for the 2024 Olympic. Elite Success Increases participation.

2C2W understands that the sport needs strong technical experts with passion and drive, a highly motivational style of leadership, strength in building relationships and cohesion in working with coaches, who are visionaries who will inspire, motivate and drive our program which will produce world class results.

Financial Need $1.4 Million Annually – Support: Corporate Partners support via – Branding -Adopt a athlete – Cash contribution – Media Contract to televise the events – Concessions, Ticket sales and apparel.

How you can assist- Join now to invest: Provide capital and expertise to help projects succeed – GIFTS Under $100 $100-$500 Above $500




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