Now That I Have Your Attention

Let me be clear! I’m concerned about student athletes’ academic growth.

It important for Student Athletes to graduate from college. Nothing is more important than education. However, to constantly punishing student athletes for not passing the required classes core subject is harsh. Why prevent Student Athletes from participating in the sport they are gifted athletically base on their athletic talent. Many commentators have suggested student athletes care only about their sport, and not about their schoolwork. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Many care deeply about the education they are receiving, and should care, because financial success in professional sports will elude the vast majority of them. That said many academic gifted college graduate are also not having financial success in their professional career. Success is also eluding the vast majority of them. That why we have what is called “The struggling middle class.”

As school and the NCAA and the media focus more attention on student’s athletes’ academic performance. One of the best ways to improve the education of student athletes is to give them the opportunity to pursue their athletic goals along with their academic goals by making it clear that society, support them.




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