We Need Your Support

Greatness Start’s Here.


The 2C2W ATHLETIC ACADEMY aims to popularize TRACK AND FIELD through a program of several competitions called “ELEVATE TRACK AND FIELD THROUGH COMPETITION. Designed to help bring the sport to life and to make it accessible to the young athletes – or potential athletes.” The event which comprises of three event groups: Sprinting/Running Event Group, Jumping Event Group and a Throwing Event Group. There are FIVE age categories targeted: 7-8 yrs.’, 9-10 yrs.’, 11-12 yrs., 13-14 yrs., 15-16 yrs. and 17-18 yrs.

I invite you to join 2C2W TRACK AND FIELD FESTA and purchase for $100. An event in your name. I know you care about our youth and wish to help support a quality track and field event. 2C2W TRACK AND FIELD FESTA is scheduled for Sunday, November, 20 2016

You may also want to visit our web site – http://www.2c2w.wordpress.com and see for yourself the value of your contribution to this worthwhile event.

Please support the 2C2W TRACK AND FIELD FESTA. Your commitment to our program is always greatly appreciated.

Yours truly,

Clive Walters


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