Andre De Grasse Confidence At Rio2016

Andre, never sounded cocky; his speed grants him a relaxed belief in himself and his newness to the sport of TRACK AND FIELD.

Predicted own success

De Grasse predicted he would win three medals. “I’m training hard to win three gold medals and I feel like I can accomplish a lot and I’m very young in the sport so I just want to go out there and do my best,” he said in the spring. He proved you can predict your own success. De Grasse ended up winning three medals in Rio Olympics, a silver and two bronze — although no gold.

Never waver

“I definitely had a great opportunity to contend with Usain for a gold medal,” De Grasse was never deterred from his winning attitude. Not even by the 100-metre final, where he narrowly won bronze, beaten by both Bolt and American Justin Gatlin.

Believe in his greatness

“I knew I had my top-end speed so I relied on that”.

The lack of experience can make you dangerousbro

He was barely doing track when the 2012 Olympics took place. It’s not uncommon for athletes with less experience to have more success on bigger stages. He has progressed every year, improving from 10.25 seconds in 2013 to a 9.91 three years later in Rio. His 200 has dropped almost a full second from 20.72 in 2013 to 19.80 in Rio.


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