Athletic Coach Qualities 

To be a coach is more than read a book and take a course for the weekend, it’s more to tell you how to do x or and move (when they sometimes do not have the capacity, or even execute him).

 To be a coach is much more than; reps, set, fast, slow, up, down, give me one more…
To be a coach is more than a role that they give you with expiry date, as if your knowledge had limits. It’s so much more….

To be a coach  is: Being condescending, strategist, disciplined, leader, motivator, counsellor, friend, sincere, honest, real, flexible, knowledgeable, optimistic, human.

The athletes who come to you comes in search of something much more than just looking good. They come for various reasons: Fight, subsistence, courage, health, freedom, escape, laugh, cry, think, grow, learn, live.

To provide this reassurance and give a service in such a way… it’s not enough to know: the range of motion, the muscle that is inserted in the joint, the exact progression, the percentage of your body fat, how much weight to must carry the bar, no ! 

As a coach, before you can prepare a person physically, you must know: their interests, their struggles, their failures, what are your goals, their skills, their beliefs, their fears, their being.


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