I’m Standing Here 

So excited to speak at the pep rally tomorrow at my Alma mater! ❤️

Can I be honest with you guys? This 15 year old in this pic HATED running track. I would much rather have been doing “ratchet things with my friends” there were even times where I would call myself “cutting track practice” and jumping on the bus as soon as school let out knowing full well I had practice at 3:30 that afternoon. But my God mom did not play! she would find me and bring my tail right back! 😂 and now I’m standing here 10 years later a college graduate (from the BEST HBCU ever!) a DELTA woman and two time Olympic Gold medalist. Along with may other blessings that God has bestowed upon me. I’m thankful for the times God was leading and guiding me when I didn’t even realize it. I’m also thankful for the people that he’s placed in my life to lead and guide me even when I couldn’t see it. We are all here for a purpose and God always knows the bigger picture. He has a great plan for all of us. As long as we keep him first and follow him He will never lead us astray. #BHS #gobruins #fastgirlfran #classof06 #designofadecade ❤️


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