2016 2C2W Track and Field Fiesta a Success. “Thank You”

From a purely sporting perspective, 2C2W Track and Field Fiesta has been an extraordinarily successful meet. The competition was of the highest standard, there were plenty of athletic feats and inspiration.

It is a great opportunity for us to share our passion for track and field as an Academy and to connect with “fast,” “superfast,” even “ultrafast” athletes, coaches, and fans on an emotional level. 2C2W focuses on the side of athletic achievement. The 2C2W brand doesn’t just value the success that comes from hard work; it values the hard work and 24/7 dedication that leads to that success, it’s all about having a positive attitude and working hard which adds some real spark and color to the brand. The purpose is both to celebrate accomplishment and to emphasize the importance of speed.

Winning or losing doesn’t just belong to athletes, and it doesn’t just belong to the coaches, it’s a team effort through every win, every loss, every injury, and every moment of glory. To the coaches and parents of the athletes we “Thank You” for helping the athletes through times of stress, cheering them along, and supporting them.

2C2W Athletic Academy is looking to keep up the fan-fueled momentum, the thrill and excitement of winning a gold medal and having a good time.

Importantly a big thank you to the staff of Ocean Breeze Athletic complex for a job well done.



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