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Accurate Sense of Self

Don’t be afraid

Entitlement Solicitation

Sports teams and their fans are in every major market. If you’re planning to launch a new product, build brand awareness and increase sales, sports team marketing is a tremendous communications tool.

The 2C2W Athletic Academy having far surpassed our original goals has now moved into a new phase with an expanded vision.   We have participated in Association, Regional, National and International track and field competitions, and have shown the ability to compete at a high level.

I believe the partnership with private or public social enterprise will prove to be even more beneficial for all concern. The athletes and management will provide our sponsors with a team that competes and conducts itself in a way they will be proud of and want to rally themselves behind. With product branding, each athlete of 2C2W Athletic Academy will now be a part of the sales and marketing Program of the sponsors company.

I’m Gracious but assertive.