International Association of Athletics Federations Special Congress

International Association of Athletics Federations Special Congress overwhelmingly voted in governance structure reforms on Saturday (December 3).
Candidates were asked to vote either “yes” or “no” to the introduction of a package involving two Constitutions, one of which will come into force next year and the other in 2019. 
Open balloting made it possible to identify the 10 countries that voted ‘No,’ making them look isolated in the sea of 182 ‘Yes’ votes. Jamaica, was one of five abstainers.
The 10 votes against the reform package came from Benin, Bahrain, Chad, Gambia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Laos, Malaysia,  Sri Lanka and Thailand.
There were no votes recorded from Jamaica, Oman, Senegal, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.
several members made it clear they were not entirely happy with all details of the two Constitutions for 2017 and 2019 which were voted on as a single entity.
Members for Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan said that a no vote should not indicate countries not wishing to change the sport, but felt that it was wrong to have only the option of a “yes” or a “no”, adding that it would be better procedure to vote on each separate part.

It was clearly a concern, and in some cases a surprise, for several members that the results of their votes would be displayed openly on a big screen at the conclusion.